wordpress中remove_action、add_action、 do_action()的hook钩子都有哪些

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muplugins_loadedAfter must-use plugins are loaded.
registered_taxonomyFor category, post_tag, etc.
registered_post_typeFor post, page, etc.
plugins_loadedAfter active plugins and before pluggable functions are loaded.
sanitize_comment_cookiesWhen comment cookies are sanitized.
setup_themeBefore the theme is loaded.
load_textdomainFor the default domain
after_setup_themeGenerally used to initialize theme settings/options. This is the first action hook available to themes, triggered immediately after the active theme’s functions.php file is loaded. add_theme_support() should be called here, since the init action hook is too late to add some features. At this stage, the current user is not yet authenticated.
initTypically used by plugins to initialize. The current user is already authenticated by this time.
└─ widgets_initUsed to register sidebars. Fired at ‘init’ priority 1 (and so before ‘init’ actions with priority ≥ 1!)
register_sidebarFor each sidebar and footer area
wp_register_sidebar_widgetFor each widget
wp_default_scripts(ref array)
wp_default_styles(ref array)
wp_loadedAfter WordPress is fully loaded
parse_requestAllows manipulation of HTTP request handling (ref array)
send_headersAllows customization of HTTP headers (ref array)
parse_queryAfter query variables are set (ref array)
pre_get_postsExposes the query-variables object before a query is executed. (ref array)
posts_selectionUsed by caching plugins.
wpAfter WP object is set up (ref array)
template_redirectBefore determining which template to load.
get_headerBefore the header template file is loaded.
wp_enqueue_scriptsWhen scripts and styles are enqueued.
twentyeleven_enqueue_color_scheme(Specific to Twenty Eleven)
wp_headUsed to print scripts or data in the head tag on the front end.
wp_print_stylesBefore styles in the $handles queue are printed.
wp_print_scriptsBefore scripts in the $handles queue are printed.
loop_start(ref array)
the_post(ref array) Allows modification of the post object immediately after query
get_template_part_contentTemplate part for the content
loop_end(ref array)
get_sidebarBefore the sidebar template file is loaded.
dynamic_sidebarBefore a widget’s display callback is called.
pre_get_comments(ref array)
wp_metaBefore displaying echoed content in the sidebar.
get_footerBefore the footer template file is loaded.
get_sidebarBefore the sidebar template file is loaded.
twentyeleven_credits(Specific to Twenty Eleven)
wp_footerBefore determining which template to load.
wp_print_footer_scriptsWhen footer scripts are printed.
admin_bar_menu(ref array)
wp_before_admin_bar_renderBefore the admin bar is rendered.
wp_after_admin_bar_renderAfter the admin bar is rendered.
shutdownBefore PHP execution is about to end.
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